Cupcakes Recalled Due to Possible Allergens

Fred Meyer recalled their Bakery Fresh Goodness Carrot Cupcakes due to possible undeclared allergens which can cause allergic reactions. The company states that anyone allergic to soy or milk could be subject to a severe reaction if they consume the cupcakes. The Fred Meyer stores have removed the products from their store bakeries and have initiated a recall notification system alerting customers of the recalled products. The company urges anyone who purchased the cupcakes and has an allergy to either soy or milk not to consume this product and return to the store for a full refund.

Product liability laws help consumers who may face injuries from defective or faulty products. The law is put in place to protect those who are injured and help hold the company responsible. Companies issue recalls alerting consumers of possible dangers. However, thousands of consumers are injured each year by defective or faulty products. Injuries sustained due to these products are not only painful but can be expensive as well. Victims can be responsible for large medical bills, experience stress and anxiety from their injuries and even lose time and wages from work. Always contact a product liability lawyer if you or a loved one has sustained injuries. An attorney can help represent you by holding the company responsible for the injuries that their products caused and help you receive adequate compensation.

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