Car Crashes Into Porch After Accident

An auto accident resulted in a vehicle crashing into a porch of a home in Houston as a result of a two-vehicle accident. The Houston Police Department reported that they responded to the accident after midnight and a car and van were both involved in the accident. They reported that the car was traveling in the northbound lanes when it lost control, hit the van and ran into the house. There were several people on the porch when the accident occurred, but there were no injuries. Luckily, the people in both the car and van were unharmed also.

There are over 3,600 injuries each year that are caused by cars that lose control and crash into buildings or homes. Drivers between the ages 20-29 are responsible for 19% of crashes with elderly individuals coming in second with 14%. Storefront and building crashes can be the result of being directly involved in an accident, but operator error and pedal error are the largest cause of these accidents. This is unnerving for those that are involved or injured in these accidents. Injuries that are sustained due to building or home crashes can result in large medical bills, lost time from work, possible physical therapy needs, undue stress and mental and physical limitations. Always consult a personal injury attorney if you are injured in an accident. An experienced attorney will investigate your injuries and determine if you have cause to pursue legal action.

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