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Woman Neglected in Chair for Three Months


A man in Indiana calls 911 for himself because he is having chest pains and the Police and Fire Department discover that his mother had been neglected and in a chair the last three months. She was partially clothed with a rack sitting on top of her. After examination, a nurse found that she had open wounds on her body, large amounts of feces, and worms.

The son is now in jail and is charged with felony neglect of a dependent. He stated that his mother wanted to be in the chair, and she agreed saying she wanted to die in her home. She hadn’t been able to walk since a previous fall. Investigators ultimately deemed the house uninhabitable by humans. There were signs of hoarding, rodent droppings, insects. Additionally, they removed five dogs and took his father, who resided there, to the hospital for observation. After observation was released and another relative is taking care of him.

This is a shocking case but we see cases every day, and many are with Nursing homes. Victims of abuse and neglect need to be defended properly. If you or a relative have suffered negligence at the hands of another, please see that the victim is provided with effective representation. As personal injury attorneys, we have the expertise to provide the help you need. Meyerkord & Kurth have access to the necessary resources in order to provide our client with national experts who can provide testimonial support. Do not hesitate to call us and set up an initial consultation; it’s free.

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