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Woman Files Suit After Gym Injury


A Sacramento woman filed a lawsuit against a gym chain, after she fell of a moving treadmill, hit her head on a nearby leg machine, and fractured her skull in several places. The incident took place in 2011 with the victim spending 4 months in the hospital undergoing several surgeries to relieve pressure on her skull and remove blood clots. She is suing the gym to cover for lost wages, long term care and physical therapy . Her lawyers are accusing the popular chain of gross negligence, stating that the treadmill was not located at the proper distance away from the neighboring equipment. The gym had placed a leg machine 46 inches behind the treadmill, not the recommended distance of six-foot which is stated in the treadmill owner’s manual. Sadly, exercise equipment sends thousands to the emergency room each year.

Negligence laws are put in place to protect individuals from harm caused by carelessness, not intentional harm. Many gyms pride themselves on having the most equipment, putting them ahead of the competition. Oftentimes equipment safety zones are not considered if it appears the equipment is placed within a reasonable distance of the other machines. Unfortunately, many gym owners choose quantity of equipment over the safety of their members. Many people are not aware of this ongoing issue until someone is hurt and has already suffered damages.

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