Utah Toddler Suffocated At Daycare Center

A Utah toddler is dead after a tragic daycare accident last week. According to police, the toddler suffocated on Thursday while in the care of a Utah daycare center in West Jordan. Authorities say the 2-year-old boy crawled underneath a bean bag chair, and an employee accidentally sat on top of him. The incident occurred at West Jordan Child Center on Redwood Road. He suffocated underneath the bean bag chair that the employee sat upon while apparently reading a book to the rest of the children.

The boy’s mother tells the local news that her baby would have turned two this week. She also told reporters that she does not understand how something so senseless could happen. The victim’s mother has sought legal representation in Utah. The devastated family wonders how the boy was trapped and how those responsible for the child could let it happen.

The West Jordan Police are investigating the accident and say they have video footage from inside the daycare. Authorities say the employee has not been charged. A spokesperson for the Utah Office of Children's Licensing said that in the last five years, the daycare center has been in violation twice. The spokesperson reports one violation was for having a hole in the fence where a child could have escaped, and the other violation was for lack of supervision on their patio area. Utah Office of Children's Licensing is currently investigating if any violations occurred during the toddler's death.

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