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U-Turn Causes Car Crash


A vehicle accident occurred on Tuesday night when a Nissan Sentra attempted to make a U-turn after pulling out of a parking spot on Woodman Avenue. Allegedly, while trying to make the turn, the Nissan was hit by a Mercedes-Benz. Tragically, as a result of the collision, two people that were riding in the Nissan Sentra are injured severely. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz did not contract any injuries.

Making a U-turns can be a dangerous task. Therefore it is important that drivers are slow and cautious when doing so. Before turning, first, make sure that making a U-turn is legal in the area you are located. Additionally, make sure your indicators are in working condition and that your path is clear. It is of the utmost importance that drivers follow traffic laws and regulations, as these laws to ensure the safety of drivers.

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