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Tyson Foods Recall Chicken Nuggets


A product recall has been issued by Tyson Foods recently. Allegedly, the recall has been put into place as a result of a minute amount of complaints regarding plastic inside of chicken products that were manufactured by the company. The plastic reported to be inside of the chicken products was reported to be “hard and white,” which is completely unsafe for consumption. Therefore, Tyson Foods has decided to voluntarily initiate this recall on their products. The specific chicken products affected by the plastic were Tyson Food’s panko chicken nuggets, which are fully cooked and were sold at Costco stores across the United States, and 20-pound chicken patty cases, which were sold wholesale to a Pennsylvania store.

The company, based in Springdale, Arkansas, is taking precautionary steps by initiating the recall. Although Tyson has only allegedly received a “small amount” of complaints, the recall will affect a more than 132,000 pounds of chicken product. Thankfully, no customers of Tyson Foods have suffered injuries due to the plastic-affected chicken.

Dangerous products are often recalled to protect consumers. In the case of food products, defective food can cause symptoms of food poisoning and other complications. The Saint Louis-based team of personal injury attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth have handled dozens of food poisoning cases, including cases that have succeeded at trial. Our team of attorneys will help you evaluate your case for free on the telephone and offer you supreme legal advice to make sure you understand your rights. For more information, contact the experienced lawyers at Meyerkord & Kurth today.

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