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Two Injured in Plane Crash


A plane crash in Brazoria County Saturday left two people with minor injuries. A married couple was on the plane when the husband seemed to be experiencing issues with his wing. The pilot was able to land the airplane into a pasture. He was very conscious of protecting anyone from injury, he spotted a farmhouse below and was able to avoid crashing into it. The owner of the house and his grandson watched the plane crash and ran to check on the passengers. They found that the two had survived; they were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

While the course of a year, the numbers seem low at approximately 100-200 accidents involving aviation; however, the fatal statistics for aviation crashes are at 1,000-1,500. This is because the speed and altitude at which an airplane crashes are very high leaving the survival rate lower. Negligence is most often the reason for one of these crashes and can be attributed to the pilot, the airline, or the aircraft maintenance team. Statistics show that in the 2000s an airplane carrying ten passengers or more and one or more fatalities pilot error held 60% responsibility.

Whoever holds responsibility, Meyerkord & Kurth want to see that if you or a family member have suffered damages in an aviation accident that liability is established. Someone at our St. Louis firm is equipped to provide the thorough and compassionate help needed to navigate your case. Contact our skilled personal injury attorneys today and we can discuss a plan for your resolution. Your first initial consultation is free.

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