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Texas Bus Crash Injured Seventeen Students


Three people were injured in a school bus accident in Texas on Friday afternoon. Police say a school bus filled with students flipped over in Harris County about 3:30 p.m. near the intersection of FM Road 1942 and Bohemian Hall Road. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said the bus swerved to avoid another vehicle, lost control, crashed into a ditch and then came to rest on its side. Police say 50 students were on board the bus at the time of the crash. No one suffered life-threatening injuries, but more than a dozen were taken to area hospitals. A witness said the scene was awful. There were children in and out of the bus. Many of the children were screaming, crying, and bleeding. Seventeen people including the driver were taken to area hospitals and most were released later that day.

The driver of the vehicle that the bus swerved to miss stayed at the scene of the crash to render aid. He was waiting to turn left into his driveway when the bus failed to stop in time and had to swerve to miss him. A spokesperson for the Crosby Independent School District confirmed that the bus involved in the accident was Bus No. 213 and is affiliated with Crosby Middle and Crosby High schools. School officials said there were no seatbelts available on the bus.

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