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Tattoo Ink Linked To Cancer


The FDA has issued a warning about the increased risks of infections and allergic reactions associated with tattoo ink. As the tattoo industry grows to a billion dollar business, the FDA has seen a dramatic increase in complaints. According to the agency officials, there is not one tattoo ink even approved for use in tattooing from the FDA. A dermatologist at UC San Diego Health, says there is a serious concern with the ingredients in the ink. The industry is very regulation.

The FDA states that many of the pigments in tattoo inks are from industrial-grade colors primarily used for automobile paint and printers ink. According to the dermatologist at UC San Diego Health, these inks contain heavy metals or minerals like cobalt or cadmium. These minerals can cause many different types of problems such as allergic skin rashes, inflammatory reactions or even types of skin cancer.

The dermatologist says it is important for consumers to understand the tattoos are not just a harmless paint going into your skin. While many are concerned with developing infections from mycobacteria and germs contracted from an unsterile environment, the ingredients in the ink are rarely given a second thought.

According to the FDA, seven voluntary recalls of tattoo inks have been issued since 2004. One if these recalls stemmed from a contaminated ink that caused 19 people to contract a serious infection. While there are some trusted ink suppliers, inks nationwide deserve more scrutiny. The FDA has a new process to look for harmful toxins in ink and is currently trying to develop methods to identify the ingredients in color pigments. As for now, there are no regulations for tattoo ink.

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