Students in Cahokia Served Spoiled Milk During School Lunch

Cahokia Parents are outraged at a dangerous school incident at Cahokia High School after students were served spoiled milk at school. A student at Cahokia High School claims her brother was sickened from the spoiled milk served at school lunch. The student says the carton of milk was so spoiled that it had chunks inside. School officials say about 900 students were served school lunches that day, and about 30 – 50 students received the bad milk.

The superintendent of the Cahokia Unit School District 187 said when the school became aware of the situation they contacted Prairie Farms, the company that provides the school with the milk. The superintendent said the cartons had not reached the expiration date yet. Prarie Farms came to the school and switched out all the milk, but accidently left a crate that was served to students. According to the superintendent, there was no indication that the milk was spoiled just by looking at the carton. He told parents that the situation could very well happen again. The superintendent said all the school officials can do is make sure the expiration date is good, and the food is properly refrigerated. All of the milk has been returned to Prarie Farms and has been replaced with new milk.

All children have the right to be safe while attending school in our nation. Unfortunately, preventable accidents happen at school and students are injured. If your child is the victim of negligence or misconduct at school and has sustained an injury, you could be entitled to compensation for damages. To find out if you have grounds to sue, contact St. Louis’ experts in personal injury law at Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC.

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