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St. Louis City Finally Brings Changes To Dangerous South City Intersection


A new traffic light was finally installed at a dangerous intersection in South St. Louis. The new change for the intersection comes after years of residents asking the St. Louis City for help. Residents who live in the Ellendale neighborhood near the intersection of McCausland and Arsenal say there is at least one traffic accident every week and sometimes two accidents per day. City officials say hundreds of motorist drive through this intersection, and it has been one of controversy for some time. One resident says that a breaking point for him was a June auto accident that caused a van to flipped over. According to residents, the problem with the intersection is a green light allowing drivers turning east onto Arsenal from McCausland. Residents say drivers making the turn had a blind spot to approaching traffic, and hundreds of accidents were the result. St. Louis City officials finally changed the traffic signal to a left only arrow in August.

While residents are relieved over the changes, they are extremely disappointed it took this long for the City of St. Louis to act. According to the St. Louis Police Department, data collected reveals a significant drop in accidents at the intersection. Thirteen traffic incidents were recorded in a 30-day period before the change at the intersection. Police say since the change, only two traffic incidents have been recorded in the last 30 days.

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