Seven Children Injured On Carnival Ride In Chicago

Seven children were injured in an amusement ride accident in Chicago’s South Side last weekend. According to officials, a roller coaster incident at a West Chatham neighborhood carnival sent seven children to the hospital. The carnival was located in the 8800 block of South Lafayette Avenue. At around 3:30 p.m., a children’s roller coaster called the Dragon Wagon, stopped abruptly, causing several young passengers to hit their heads, according to a police spokesman. Fire officials report an EMS Plan One alert was issued for the 200 block of West 87th Street which sent at least five ambulances to the scene. Seven children were evaluated and transported to area hospitals, Comer Children's Hospital and St. Bernard Hospital. The children range in ages five to seven years of age. No one is in critical condition, and officials say everyone will recover. The carnival accident it still under investigation by Chicago officials. The ride was shut down.

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