School Denies Bus Pickup, Student Forced to Walk by Sex Offender

A Nashville mother is fighting a school's walk zone, worried her child is in danger of being a victim of a pedestrian accident. The Maury County mother tells a local news station that she is fighting for her teenage daughter to have a safer route to Spring Hill High School. Her 14-year-old daughter is in a 1.5-mile walk zone and is not eligible for a school bus pick up. The mother says her daughter walks on a busy street with no sidewalks as well as passing a registered sex offender’s house on the way to school.

In her concern for her child’s safety, the mother has contacted the director of transportation asking for a school bus pick-up. The director said there is no way they can make an exception for one student.

The director of transportation only offered to pick up the child a half-mile from her home, but still forces her to walk past the home of the sex offender. The mother had to take the matter into her hands, adjusted her work schedule and drives her daughter to school every morning. However, her daughter still has to walk home.

A local news station started reporting the story, which put pressure on school officials. Spring Hill High School officials claim they did not know the student had to walk past a sex offender’s home. Their solution was to tell the young girl to take a different route down a deserted gravel road. The school board says there is nothing they can do until the walk zone is eliminated and more buses are purchased. According to the county commission, their proposal to buy more buses was voted down.

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