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Reports Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Exploding And Catching Fire


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been gaining unwanted attention by many and is now thought to be a dangerous product. The U.S. aviation safety officials took an unusual step of warning airline passengers not to turn on or charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 during flights, or even put them in checked bags.

While many were dazzled by the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its screen magnification features, the device has aviation safety officials banning its use on airplanes. The smartphone has been reported to explode or catch fire spontaneously. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a warning was issued about the use of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission stated all owners of the Galaxy Note 7 device should turn them off and stop using them because of the risk that their batteries can explode. The agency reports they are working with Samsung on an official recall of the phones as soon as possible. The agency is helping the company figure out a replacement strategy for the Note 7. Last week Samsung began a global recall for the Galaxy Note 7, just two short weeks after its launch. The official recall is due to the risk of the device catching fire or exploding. Out of 2.5 million phones sold, Samsung has confirmed 35 incidents of the devices exploding. Originally, the company only stated that a new model would be available for consumers next week, and Samsung did not ask consumers to stop use.

After an initial delay, Electronics America finally asked Note 7 owners to shut off their devices because of the risk of explosion. Samsung stated that new Note 7 phones will not be available immediately, but owners can temporarily exchange their Note 7 for a different model. The recall is untimely for Samsung, as Apple just announced the iPhone 7. The Galaxy Note 7 sold well and was in high demand before the safety risk developed.

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