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Police Using City Buses to Catch Distracted Drivers


Drivers in Austin, Texas using cell phones any other way than hands-free need to be aware that if caught they should anticipate being pulled over and ticketed by a police officer on a motorcycle. The police department there had some of their officers’ board the city buses to act as spotters for motorcycle units. The buses give the officers the advantage of being able to see inside of the vehicles. Drivers there are allowed to use their phones while driving, but they must use Bluetooth or hands-free method unless at a red light.

During a 3-hour period, the officers issued 96 citations and eight warnings for drivers in violation of the hands-free law. People are beginning to take the law more serious due to this recent initiative, and they are seeing a decrease in offenders. The cost of the citation is $50, and drivers have the ability to get it dismissed with the purchase of a Bluetooth device. Officers have offered to set up the Bluetooth devices for those without the knowledge to do so. They are finding that many offenders have Bluetooth built into their vehicles and have the knowledge to use, but they simply have made the choice not to.

The CDC show that we face 15 fatal injuries every day due to distracted driving. Even with the hands-free option and law, people making the choice to ignore that technology is the leading cause of distracted driving accidents. When they do, and they cause you or someone you know to be injured or killed in a car accident we want you to call us for a free consultation. One of our highly qualified Personal Injury Attorneys in St. Louis will see that you get the representation you deserve.

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