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Pokémon GO While Driving Is A Dangerous Distraction


Pokémon GO while driving has proven to be a dangerous distraction to drivers that could cause an accident. In fact, Ayer Police in Massachusetts posted a sign urging people not to play Pokémon GO while driving. According to a study released by San Diego State University researchers, data confirms playing the reality game, Pokémon GO, behind the wheel poses a risky distraction to drivers. The study indicates hundreds of thousands of players are driving while playing the game or a passenger in the vehicle is playing the game.

The SDSU researchers analyzed social media and news reports related to Pokémon GO, to discover possible driving hazards. The team of researchers found 14 traffic accidents that were connected with Pokémon GO. Two of these crashed were fatal. The study’s co-author and doctoral student in the SDSU/UCSD Public Health Joint Doctoral Program said what has been discovered is just the tip of the iceberg. The study likely underestimates distractions linked to Pokémon GO.

The study relied primarily on media data, such as Twitter, to rapidly discover emerging public health issues by observing the thoughts and actions of the American public in near real-time, according to the assistant research professor. The study found 345,433 Twitter posts that combined words like "driving or "car" with "Pokémon GO." Data collect in just a short period revealed over 110,000 traffic accidents caused by potentially distracted drivers or pedestrians using Pokémon GO. Researchers believe this gives a clear justification for a public health response and warning.

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