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One Man Responsible for Car Accident Involving More Than Five Vehicles


On Saturday a Quincy man was arrested and is facing much more than one charge for a crash that involved more than five vehicles, one being a john boat parked and on its trailer.

Multiple departments were dispatched to Fifth and Chestnut including the Quincy Police Department, Quincy Fire Department, Adam’s County Sheriff’s office, and Adam County Ambulance. Upon arriving shortly after 11 p.m., they found locals pulling the driver, Quinton Ewing, 29, through a broken window the 2008 Grand Dodge Caravan he was driving.

The four units were dispatched to Fifth and College for a physical altercation where one man was hospitalized and then dispatched to Fifth and Chestnut for a crash with injuries. It is unclear in the article if the altercation is where Ewing began the tragedy of events. After speaking with witnesses, the Quincy police were able to determine the Ewing was driving North on Fifth at an accelerated speed with his headlights off and disobeying stop signs. His failure to stop caused his first impact with Angel M. Dean, 21 as she was driving eastbound through the said intersection where Ewing had failed to stop.

Ewing continued north on his rampage hitting a parked car that was then forced into a boat on a ramp that was hitched to a truck and it was then pushed into another car. All three vehicles were all parked along Fifth and had to be towed due to the damage from the impact. Ewing’s van came to a stop on Fifth after spinning to a stop with broken axles.

Ewing was arrested and held in Adams County Jail. He faces multiple charges including aggravated driving under the influence, driving while license revoked, operating an uninsured vehicle, no lights when required and failing to a stop at a stop sign. In addition to these charges, Ewing had two warrants for his arrest from the City of Quincy and Adams County.

This accident would be a case for Meyerkord & Kurth to handle. You have an individual who made choices that put the people traveling and living on Fifth in Quincy in eminent danger. Had this been during the day the risk to others could have increased adding additional drivers and possibly residence out for a leisurely stroll. Examples of some of the cases that Meyerkord & Kurth handle that could easily pertain to this one article alone are a drunk driving accident, speeding & aggressive driving, hit-and-run accident, intersection accident. Sadly, a pedestrian accident could have been easily added to this scenario. While no one was killed many received damages to their vehicles at the hands of someone else. Contact us today if you have been the victim of an auto accident.

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