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Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine


Missouri drivers better watch their speed this weekend. According to Kansas City officials, a six-state effort to crackdown on speeders begins this Friday. A zero-tolerance speeding enforcement is underway, says federal highway officials and law enforcement agencies. Speeding is deadly, says the regional administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and law enforcement is taking it to the next level. The new campaign is called Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine and will affect Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

Law enforcement will be looking for any speeding driver including commercial vehicles. The goal of the campaign is to cause drivers to slow their speed and ultimately, reduce speed-related crashes.

According to a 2015 traffic study of the six-state region, 2,964 people were killed in traffic accidents. The study reveals that about 27 percent of those accidents were speed-related crashes. There were 310 speed-related fatalities In Missouri in 2015 and about 128 in Kansas. Missouri and Kansas had higher percentages of speeding -related accidents because of their general higher speed limits throughout roadways.

About 220 law enforcement agencies will patrol almost 6,000 miles of roadway during the anti-speeding campaign. Officials will be looking for drivers who are speeding, distracted or driving recklessly. The administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says the department will continue to strive to make sure commercial trucking is safe for all motorist on the road.

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