Mother Backs Vehicle Over Toddler in Tragic Accident

A car accident in Miami, Fl Monday evening has lead to the death of a one-year-old little boy. A mother was backing out of her family’s driveway when she struck her one-year-old son. Tragically, he was pronounced dead. An investigation is being conducted, and police stated that they do not suspect foul play. The mother feels as though she had taken all precautions to prevent such an event. Charges are unlikely.

Injuries for back-over accidents equate to 14,000 each year, and 200 people are killed. The majority of these numbers are children due to their small stature leading to the inability to be seen by the drivers’ position.

In 2007, Congress signed the Cameron Gulbransen Transportation Safety Act that required the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. to put standards in place for rear-visibility by 2011. After many delays, the NHTSA has announced that by May 2018 all new vehicles are required to have a backup camera that shows a 10-foot-by-20-foot zone behind the vehicle. With backup cameras already in existence in many vehicles, these standards should not be hard to implement.

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