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Massive Accident Sends Five to Hospital


A semi is responsible for a three-car accident that sent five people to the hospital. It was necessary for one of them to be airlifted. Four of the five people are listed in serious condition. The driver of the semi was trying to enter a paper mill when he drove into the oncoming traffic. The first car he hit had four passengers in it and the second he hit next had one; the driver of the semi was not injured.

The semi driver has issued a citation for failure to yield to oncoming traffic. Deaths of individuals in a passenger car from auto accidents involving a semi equate to approx. 5,000 people per year. Some of the factors that cause accidents include driver fatigue, improper maintenance, distracted driving, driver inexperience, and improper loading.

While the driver in this incident was cited a ticket, he is responsible for putting five people in the hospital, and we do not know if they will all survive and if they do what effects this accident will have on their lives. We do know that there will be hospital bills, loss of wages, two cars that need to be fixed or replaced.

These individuals need a personal injury attorney to see that what they have suffered is addressed and handled properly and in their best interest. If you know someone in a similar situation, please have them call our office in St. Louis so that one of our highly equipped personal injury attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth can see that you as an individual are taken care of appropriately. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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