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Illinois Teenager Falls Over Banister At School


A teenage boy was seriously injured in a school accident at Collinsville High School. According to school officials, the boy fell down a staircase on the west side of the building near the vocational wing. Witness say the boy was on his way to lunch on Monday. According to the Superintendent, the boy fell over a banister from the second floor. Two students witnessed the accident and ran to get help. The teenage boy was airlifted from the school's football field and remains hospitalized.

The police initially said this was a tragic accident, but they are conducting a thorough investigation to see if there is evidence of a criminal incident or negligence. Rumors have begun to surface at school and on social media regarding the events that led to the fall. Anyone with information is urged to call the Collinsville Police Department.

According to Collinsville High School officials, they are reviewing the staircase itself to see if anything can be changed to make it safer. Parents of the victim will not comment on his current condition but say they are thankful for the community’s support. Sources say his injury is serious but are unable to confirm specifics.

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