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Illinois Shooting Victims Crash Into Vehicle, Injures Four Others.


Another shooting victim caused an auto crash when he tried to drive himself to the hospital. According to Chicago Police, the Illinois man caused a serious traffic accident that injured four others, including two children, on Sunday. Authorities say the 37-year-old man struck another vehicle just after midnight in the 10100 block of South State Street in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago.

According to police, four people were in the other car, including two adults and two children. Police say the two children, 5-years-old and 1-month-old, were transported to an area hospital and remain in serious condition. The two women injured, 24-years-old and 45-years-old, were treated at the hospital but are in good condition.

The shooting victim that caused the crash was also transported to a local hospital and is in serious condition. Police say the man had a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Further information has not been released by police, such as the location or circumstances of the shooting. The incident is still under Chicago Police investigation. A Missouri man caused an accident last week when he tried to drive himself to the hospital after being shot. He was killed, and the man who he struck is in serious condition.

Across the country, daily traffic accidents are caused by the poor choices of motorists. Drivers who make bad choices behind the wheel affect more than just themselves. Thousands of families lose loved ones at the hands of another driver. If you are a victim of a traffic accident, or you have lost someone close to you, please contact Meyerkord & Kurth, LLC.

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