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How to Handle a Product Recall?


When the discovery of a consumer safety or a defective product is found, a product recall is announced to minimize the dangers to the consumer and to avoid the risk of legal action to the maker/seller. Recalls are costly, but the possibility of having a product that put multiple consumers at risk of injury, possibly even death, is priceless.

The chief medical officer for the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition has provided some basic guidelines as to how to handle a product recall for food on their site. Their advice is not panic, not to eat the food, not to open the food, and to check the recall notice to find out what to do with the food.

Now, what do you do if you have suffered because of a consumer product? First, you must seek immediate medical attention if you have suffered an injury. Dial 911 if it is necessary. Every year foodborne infections affect 1 in 6 Americans by consuming affected products and 3,000 people die. Do not discard the offending product; it is evidence.

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