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Heartburn Drugs Linked to Heart Attacks


Well-known heartburn drugs Prilosec and Nexium have been linked to artery damage, kidney failure, and dementia through recent studies. Scientists have discovered shocking information. Cells were used that lined the walls of the arteries and compared by exposing them to an H2 blocker found in Zantac and to Nexium. Cells exposed to Nexium showed a look of a “fried egg” while those exposed to the H2 blocker did not age.

The “fried egg” look means that there is build up on the cells. The buildup of cells prevents them from performing their intended responsibility which is repairing wounds in the blood vessels. They are unable to stop plaque from building up on the walls of the arteries. With plaque buildup comes increases risk of heart attack or stroke.

In addition to cells aging, there are signs of chromosomes tips shortening, this is called telomeres. Studies of telomeres have linked aging conditions such as dementia and cardiovascular disease. The maker of this drug denies a direct link stating that the study wasn’t connected to clients taking under a supervised clinical trial.

While this article is specific to Nexium and Prilosec, our website lists some of the dangerous drugs known to cause side effects. These drugs treat specific things, however; often the side effects can lead to unfortunate and unpredicted circumstances.

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