Family Concerned After Power Line Left On Ground In Resident's Yard

A St. Charles family is frustrated for having a dangerous hazard left in their front yard by the electric company. The family claims they have been living with the danger for months and no one will help them. According to the residents, a 240-volt power line running to their home from the street has been sitting on the ground for three months. The homeowner says what was suppose to be a temporary fix has turned into a several months ordeal.

In July, a squirrel chewed through their power line and caused them to lose power. Ameren Missouri installed a temporary line that runs through the yard and across the driveway as a temporary solution. A month later, an Ameren Missouri subcontractor dug up only part of the front yard with the plan to bury the line. The subcontractor never returned and nothing since then has happened. Now the residents not only have a dangerous powerline in their front yard, they now have plywood covered holes.

The homeowner is very concerned with the safety of their family. Ameren Missouri doesn’t seem the least bit concerned, claims the resident. A spokesperson for Ameren Missouri claims the wire poses no risks and is durable. Ameren Missouri claims scheduling issues has caused the temporary fix to take longer than expected. Ameren said they will have a representative visit the home by the end of September.

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