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Distracted Driving In Ohio Increases


Missouri is not the only state that has seen a rise in distracted drivers. The state of Ohio is dealing with a dangerous number of traffic accidents caused by distracted drivers. Distracted driving is a dangerous and an unacceptable behavior that plagues the roadways in our country. A recent study reveals more than two-thirds of drivers are distracted by something inside their car.

According to an Ohio traffic study, more than 13,000 Ohio drivers crashed their car because of something distracting them from inside their vehicle. Out of those 13,000 crashes, 39 of the distracted drivers were responsible for fatal accidents that claimed the lives of 43 people.

According to an AAA spokeswoman, many drivers do not realize how distracted they are when they operate their vehicle. The AAA continues to advocate for tougher distracted driving laws and stronger enforcement. Unless something changes, the numbers will continue to climb. Nationwide, the worst offenders of distracted driving are between the ages 25-39 years old.

Currently, 46 states have banned texting while driving, and 14 of those states have banned talking on hand-held phones. In the State of Ohio, it is only considered a secondary offense if a driver is caught texting behind the wheel. While a 2014 survey shows that 96% of Ohioans view phone use behind the wheel as unacceptable, still 30% of the same group say they do it. Many have joined together in the movement against distracted driving in the hope that laws will changes and become more effective.

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