Cockroaches at Nursing Home, Least of Concerns

A nursing home in Columbia, PA. in under scrutiny after ABC27 News launches an investigation. The investigation of Susquehanna Valley’s nursing home was sparked from those previously employed by the facility having come forward with complaints of the conditions there. They also found that during one year, eight investigations were conducted, and the nursing home was out of compliance.

Video taken by Kayla Singleton, an RN supervisor previously employed there, showed cockroaches in the kitchen scattering when the lights were turned on. Her concerns and the concerns of others did not stop there. Once the video was made public, those previously employed there came forward with concerns. Concerns for the residents’ overall safety and proper treatment. There is testimony of dirty wheelchairs, maggots, smells, no wash cloths or soap available.

The testimonies are backed up by the inspection reports that show a failure to maintain the linen room, improper practice for infection control, residents with pressure sores, and inadequate monitoring. Perhaps most shocking a report from July 2016 noted that a patient died. The resident was having chest pain and a physician wasn’t properly notified, nor was 911 called.

You want to feel secure when your parents, grandparents, loved ones are in a nursing home. They are there because you trust that their best interest is at the forefront of the facility and staff. What steps do you take when you find that is not the case? You are their advocate, their voice. Family is the number one priority, we at Meyerkord & Kurth understand that.

Meyerkord & Kurth understand the importance of family because we are a family-based law firm. Contact us today if you have a loved one that has suffered a personal injury while at a nursing home. We have an experienced attorney you can reach toll-free at 1-800-391-4318 to set up a free consultation.

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