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City Resolves Dog Bite Incidents By Returning Dogs to Owners


A man in Shelbyville owns a dog that was impounded for biting. The details of who or where the dog bite occurred are not reported. However, the city’s biggest concern seemed to be if the dog owner could afford the necessary shots and shelter costs. The owner was questioned regarding this before the board unanimously voted to release the dog under the conditions he would get shots and pay shelter fees. The concerns of an officer at Animal Control weren’t the owner’s financials but rather his age and health fearing his inability to control the dog. Animal Control will follow up on the case.

In the second dog bite incident, a dog ran out of its owner's house and bit a woman riding her bike. The woman did appear and advised that she did not want to see the dog euthanized. The explanation for the dog being able to bite the woman was that the latch on the door is faulty and the kids leaving for school failed to fully latch the door. Tenants also advised that the landlord of the property will be installing new doors and windows in two weeks. The board voted to release this dog as well.

Seeking immediate medical attention is the first step after being bitten by a dog. The second is to hire your St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney at Meyerkord & Kurth. We will talk to and get information and documents from all necessary parties. Too often insurance companies try to settle as quickly and as low as possible. Your best interest is not their best interest. Call us for a free consultation so that we can see that you are fairly treated.

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