Children Lucky to Escape Snake Bite

A mother in Springfield, PA finds a 6-foot snake in her driveway. It was first spotted by a child getting off of the school bus. The woman feared for her children's safety and the family dog. Having an uncle as a snake lover, she called him to assist with capturing the snake. The snake was identified as a South American false water Cobra, and it is not illegal to have this type of snake. The owner has been located and has asked for privacy. This article reported that this species of snake only spread their head like a cobra, but have rear fangs that are venomous that are not lethal.

Reptiles Magazine that this snake requires an advanced care level and that the potency of their venom is unknown. With little known about the venom of this snake a bite from one has shown necrosis, edema, tenderness, and pain. These snakes are not prone to biting but need to be respectfully and cautiously handled.

Personal injury doesn’t always come in a deadly amount of venom. The effects of a bite victim can live and exist long after the physical injury has healed. Victims can suffer unseen pain from damaged nerves, emotional wounds, and financial burdens to name a few. Some wounds can be physical and cause disfigurement to a person body as a constant reminder of the incident.

If you or someone you love has been bitten by an animal, seek professional medical attention immediately. Find out the identity of the animal and its owner so that a proper injury claim on his or her insurance can be made. Take photos of anything affected by the bite: clothing, skin, the area of the occurrence and then call a St. Louis personal injury attorney for an initial free consultation at our office with Meyerkord & Kurth. You should never sign any paperwork or make any statements without our advice first. We know the laws and your rights, so contact us today.

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