Chi-Chi's Food Poisoning Death

A 38-year-old man ordered fajitas October of 2003 never expecting they would be served with hepatitis A only to die a month later. 575 of Chi-Chi’s patrons and employees became sick, and three died, and they believe Hepatitis A was to blame. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that Americans get food poisoning every day, not just a few but an astonishing 200,000 people. A microbiologist at New York University medical center attributes food poisoning to affecting 800,000 people each day; that equates to everyone in America to suffer a sickness directly related to a foodborne virus, bacteria, or toxin each year.

However, many won’t recognize their symptoms as food poisoning. Because the milder symptoms are nausea, diarrhea, and cramping many think that it is just a stomach bug. One of the safest and common things a consumer can do is to identify and sanitize the dirtiest foods we eat. Because after all, we have to eat.

Following these precautions can diminish the risk of food poising. Chicken, buy “free range,” place it directly into the dish you will be cooking in to avoid spreading contamination and use a cooking thermometer to verify internal temperature. Ground Beef, choose packages that are labeled “treated by irradiation,” add oregano, and flatten out your burgers. Ground turkey, buy organic and wash dishes that came into contact with the raw poultry on the hottest setting in the dishwasher. When buying any of these meats at the store be sure to place the package into a plastic bag by itself and keep separate from other groceries to reduce the risk of the raw meat juices getting on the other foods.

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