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Carnival Accident Occurs on Ride at Fall Festival


Small towns of Illinois look forward to their town fall festivals. There is the turkey festival in Tremont, a marigold festival in Pekin, and the pumpkin festival in Morton. This past weekend was the Pumpkin Festival in Morton and an accident occurred. The contraptions that locals would make for the pumpkin launching contest would be an exciting thing to watch. As the kids beg their parents to attend these festivals, it is often the rides that come to town once a year that excite many of them. This year at the pumpkin festival the screams of excitement turned into screams of terror for one girl this year as she was clinging to the inside of a ride to keep from falling out.

The ride was the Rock-O-Plane that looks like a Ferris wheel with the cages to sit in and apparently the cages then go around as well. The mother was standing in line with her nine-year-old as she heard the terrified screams of her daughter on the ride. She witnessed the young girl keeping herself inside of the ride, upside down, with no restraint to hold her in and the door of the cage was wide open. She and other parents frantically pleaded with the operator to shut down the ride all the while taking a video and posting it to Facebook.

On Monday, people were trying to figure out who or what was responsible for the incident. The Executive Director with the Morton Chamber of Commerce had met with the carnival operator to discuss what had transpired. Big M, the company that owns the ride says they are investigating as well. The Morton fire department says that they were never contacted about the incident and the Police Department declined to inform as to whether or not they were contacted. However, the Illinois Department of Labor confirmed that it had received complaints against Big M after this occurrence.

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