Cahokia Toddler Falls Down Uncovered Sinkhole

A Cahokia father is outraged after his 2-year-old daughter fell into a sinkhole left unmaintained by the city over the weekend. The Illinois man wants answers as to why there continues to be uncovered sinkholes in Cahokia. The father told a local news station that he and his daughter, along with other relatives, were leaving a football game in Cahokia when suddenly he could not see his daughter. As the family searched for the little girl, they heard her screaming. The toddler had fallen into a six-foot deep hole and was trapped for about 10 minutes before she was rescued. The little girl was okay, but the father claims she narrowly escaped more serious injuries. Relatives say the child could have easily hit her head on one of the exposed pipes and says the accident was a close call.

A local news station captured footage of Cahokia city crews filling in the uncovered hole after complaints were made of the little girl falling into the sinkhole. The Public Works Director claimed a septic tank is located where the sinkhole collapsed. The concrete slab over the hole and covered with dirt collapsed causing the dangerous situation. The Public Works Director says he does not know how that happened but would not discuss the matter on camera. According to residents in the area, this is not the first sinkhole left uncovered by the city of Cahokia. Many wonder if it will take a more serious accident to get action from the city officials.

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