Boating Accident Claimed MLB Pitcher

A boating accident occurred in Miami recently, killing three men. The boat, a thirty-two-foot SeaVee motorboat, was found capsized by the Coast Guard around 3:30 in the morning. It is believed that the boat collided with a jetty around the Government Cut channel. The collision with the rocks was so strong that the wreck was surrounded by debris. This particular channel in Miami is at South Beach’s southern end and is a common place for Miami Beach tourists.

It is believed that the men most likely passed away due to the impact from the collision. Since the motorboat was badly wrecked, it has not yet been reported whether the crash was caused by substance influence. However, it has been reported that weather and rough waters were not a contributor to the accident. Additionally, none of the passengers aboard the ship were wearing life vests, which is an essential safety precaution to take when boating, especially when out on large bodies of water. Also, operating any vehicle at night is a dangerous task that requires the driver’s utmost attention, boating especially. While out on the water at night, lights can easily cause distraction and distance become harder to judge.

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