Avoid Harmful Ingredients Found In Beauty Products

A growing concern for harmful chemicals in personal care products has many interest groups alarmed. The New Jersey Public Interest Group is among those worried about possible harmful chemicals in beauty and personal care products. According to these interest groups, certain dangerous chemicals have not been sufficiently tested by the FDA. These chemicals are not only dangerous but have been linked to negative health effects such as cancer.

The NJPIRG randomly checked labels of personal care and beauty products and then compared the ingredients to scientific studies. A surprise ingredient has the group alarmed. This warning may surprise you. The dangerous ingredient is simply listed as “fragrance.” The International Fragrance Association reported the listing of fragrant on a label could mean 3,000 different chemicals. Manufacturers do not want the public to know what is a "fragrant."

The NJPIRG is also looking out for parabens, commonly found in moisturizers. Recent studies have linked parabens to hormone disruption. Phthalates, commonly found in colognes, have been linked to sperm damage. The NJPIRG advises discontinuing the use of sodium laureth sulfate, commonly found in shampoo. It is a harmful byproduct.

The NJPIRG urges consumers to read labels carefully. If you find a chemical of concern in a product you use, you can easily switch to another natural option, To read the full NJPIRG list of harmful chemicals in beauty and personal care products, go to the NJPIRG website.

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