A Worker Was Injured During An Attack

In May of this year two men, dressed as employees, got in and robbed an HEB store. An employee was attacked and punched by one of the robbers, they then took the money from the safe in the main office and fled the facility. An update was conducted today releasing surveillance video to get the public's assistance in apprehending the two men that committed the crime.

If and when the men responsible for the robbery and the assault on the employee are captured, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the employee attacked will see justice for his/her injuries. When law enforcement catches these suspects, they will likely be arrested, convicted, and serve time. The victim needs to hire a personal injury attorney to see that he/she receives compensations for incurred medical bills, possible lost wages, pain, suffering, and treatment for the mental effects.

Was there proper security measures in place at the store? Yes, there was a surveillance camera that will provide needed evidence of the assault and robbery, hopefully, leading to their capture as well. But how were they able to get into the main office of the store? Is an employee simply required to have HEB attire on in order to enter the office in which the safe with money sits? Is there a security negligence?

If you have suffered damages while on the job, take action and contact a St. Louis personal injury attorney from Meyerkord & Kurth. When the criminal process of the suspects doesn’t include the restitution you deserve, we will get these questions answered and find out who is responsible for the damages. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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