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38 Hospitalized After Food Poisoning


The process of production is the focus of the investigation into a food poisoning that has hospitalized 38 people last Wednesday in Nan, Bangkok. The people affected by the food poisoning spread across six districts all who had purchased eclairs from the same retail store. The common symptoms were acute diarrhea, dizziness, and vomiting.

Health inspectors have begun an investigation at the production site because the deputy director of the Nan Hospital believes the poisoning is tied to the production process. They believe the ingredients may be to blame due to how quickly after eating the eclairs people became ill. If bacteria were to blame it is stated that symptoms would develop anywhere from six hours to two days.

The manager of the store ensured that there would be a careful and detailed investigation into the matter with a focus on finding the precise cause. Until then all production and sales would be a halt. He also said that he would take responsibility and visit the victims.

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