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18-Year-Old Killed in ATV Accident


An 18-year-old teen was killed in an ATV accident in Groveland, Illinois. After the ATV had crashed into a white pickup truck, medical personnel pronounced the teen dead and transported another individual to the hospital to treat non-threatening injuries. It is unclear if the injured person was a passenger on the ATV or of the pickup truck. A picture of the pickup truck showed extensive demand to the passenger side door assuming that is where the impact took place. The police from both the East Peoria Department and the Tazewell Sherriff's Office were there that evening reconstructing the scene of the accident, and no tickets had been issued at that time.

According to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as of December 31 of 2014, there has been 13,617 ATV-related deaths since 1982-2014. Of the total deaths, 23% were younger than 16 years old, and 43% were 12 years and younger. In 2014, 93,700 injuries were reported to be treated in the emergency room that was ATV-related. Of that number, the body parts that held the highest percentage of injury were the head or neck, arm, leg, and the torso.

There is no class or license required to operate an ATV leaving many of their drivers unequipped or unskilled in operating allowing for a great risk of injuring passengers or others. Drivers can be skilled, and a manufacturer design flaw could be responsible for a crash. If you have been injured in an ATV-related accident, let our skilled personal injury attorneys go over your accident with you. Meyerkord & Kurth attorneys, are ready and available to inform you of your rights and determine if those rights are being upheld. Call us today for a free evaluation.

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