Worker Killed in Disneyland Paris Ride

Workers found a lifeless technician inside the Phantom Manor attraction in Paris. It is believed that accidental electrocution was to blame for his death. Ironically, the fictional storyline of the haunted house is that a woman visiting the house died there after an experience with something supernatural.

The victim was a father and had been an employee there for 14 years. He had been in the ride to repair a light fixture at approximately 8:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning prior to the park opening. Unfortunately, this was not the first safety incident for the Disneyland Paris Park. A five-year-old boy survived life-threatening injuries he sustained in 2013 when he became trapped between the boats and the ride platform of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Five riders were injured by set pieces falling and another time the cars on the roller coaster derailed while carrying riders, both incidents on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The workers of the park are at a higher risk of injury or death over the patrons. In 2010, a man became trapped and died while under one of the boats on the ride it’s a small world. Someone had accidently switched on the ride.

Law enforcement and park employees were set to perform an investigation into the recent electrocution death searching for any safety concerns.

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