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Tragic Crash Kills Five


A fatal vehicle accident occurred in Hillsborough County, Florida on Wednesday night around 9:47 p.m. The accident took place on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard when a westbound Volkswagen Golf traveled over the median of the road after the driver lost control of their vehicle for reasons that are not known. After crossing over, the vehicle struck a Toyota minivan head-on. As a result, the minivan burst into flames, and the Volkswagen hit two other vehicles. Tragically, there have been five fatalities as a result of the accident.

Allegedly, some people that were at the scene have said that street racing may have contributed to the accident. However, that has not been proven, and the cause still remains unknown. According to the NHRA, for about every 1,000 people who illegally street race, around 49 people are injured. Street racing is extremely dangerous, as speeding is a factor in one out of every three fatal vehicle accidents.

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