Testing Shows Unsafe Toys Are On Market Shelves

In one year’s time, over 220,000 children will be seen in an emergency room for injuries caused by unsafe toys. As a consumer, we are not always aware of the chemicals that are used in the production of a toy. Because of this Washington enforces the Children’s Safe Product Act which requires toy makers to report the chemicals that are of high concern to children.

This month Washington Toxics Coalition received reports from 87 manufacturers. Of the 80,000 chemicals used in the manufacturing of children’s toys, 66 have been identified as concerning. Lab testing is required on these products in order to identify the seriously harmful chemicals that will lead to them being pulled off the shelf and end the manufacturing of harmful toys. Some of the chemicals reported are cancer-causing, levels that if accurate are a state law violation.

Some of the violation reporting companies were MGA Little Tikes, Greenbrier International, and Dollar Tree. These toys are still on the shelves for unknowing parents to purchase and take home to their children. Washington has a ban that will go into effect July 1, 2017, for certain flame retardants in kids’ products. The companies reporting their presence will be banned as well under the law. There is another concern for chemicals that contain high levels of hormone-disrupting phthalates reported in boots, sweaters, and gloves sold at Gymboree, Gap, and Claire's.

Few resources are available to assist parents to identify what chemicals are in their children’s toys. EPA suggests their program “Safer Choice” that identifies the children products with the safest chemicals available.

If your child that has suffered damages by an unsafe toy, you do have a resource. A personal injury attorney at Meyerkord & Kurth can provide you with the legal means necessary to bring justice to your family. As a family firm, we understand the desire to seek assistance for the damage and suffering brought to a family by the negligence of another.

Some damages cannot be undone. However, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to see that their products are safe for consumers so if an injury has resulted call us today so we can be the resource in lifting your burden and getting you the monetary compensation you have a right to.

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