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Teenage Boy Loses Leg After Tragic School Incident


A 13-year-old Georgia boy and his family have filed a personal injury lawsuit after the child had to have his right leg amputated after a September school incident. According to the lawsuit, a contractor at Edgewood Student Services Center restrained the boy in such a way that he seriously injured the boy’s leg and then refused him medical treatment. As a result, the boy was sent home and taken to the hospital hours later by his mother. Doctors said the injury was so severe that the boy’s leg had to be amputated.

The 13-year-old boy was a seventh grader at Edgewood Center, which is a school for students who have behavioral problems. According to the family’s attorney, the boy attempted to leave his classroom and was restrained by a staff member who repeatedly body slammed the boy into the ground. Attorneys say their client was trying to leave the room to call his mom. School officials refused to get the boy medical treatment and made him ride the bus home despite the fact that the child was unable to walk. Attorneys say the staff member went as far as making the boy attempt to walk and then putting the boy over his shoulder and carrying the child to the bus and forcing him onto it.

The boy’s mother took him to the emergency room that night, and his condition was so bad doctors airlifted to an Atlanta hospital. Doctors had to amputate the boy’s right leg after several failed surgical attempts to restore the blood flow to his right leg, according to attorneys. The boy’s mother claimed if her child had received the proper medical treatment after the incident, his leg could have been saved. The mother also stated that her son has no history of being restrained by a teacher in the past.

The Muscogee County School District stated that the staff worker in question was only a contractor with the school and has since been removed. The contractor’s employer Mentoring and Behavioral Sciences is investigating the accident and has not commented on the open investigation.

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