Teen Traffic Deaths Are On The Rise

New data from federal regulators show the number of teenagers involved in deadly car crashes is rising. The report shows for the first time in ten years, a 10-percent spike in teenage driving deaths occurred last year. Now officials say teens are more than one-and-a-half times more likely to be involved in a deadly crash compared to adults. A report by the AAA names speeding as a top cause of death among teens. Many are pointing to the epidemic of cell phone use behind the wheel. When the inexperience of a teenage driver is added to the constant distraction of electronics, accidents began to rise and so do teens’ deaths.

With reports that eight in ten adults between ages 35 to 55 say they talk on the phone while driving, it’s no wonder teenagers are learning bad habits. Reports also show about 50 percent of adult and teens drive 15 mph over the speed limit. Officials are saying they see deadly results among young drivers due to inexperience, distraction, and speed. Speeding remains the top cause of traffic deaths among teens and is the reason for almost one-third of fatal crashes involving teens. The numbers only continue to rise.

An AAA survey shows that these deadly habits are learned from parents, and the key to reducing the numbers is to convince parents to change their ways. Parents who set stricter rules for actions behind the wheel can reduce their child’s risk of a fatal car accident.

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