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Still No Cause For Deadly Hoboken Train Crash


There is no official cause of the September Hoboken train crash that killed a woman and injured a hundred others, according to officials. A recent discovery has been released showing the brakes on the New Jersey Transit train show no signs of any defect. The preliminary report was released on Thursday by the National Transportation Safety Board.

On September 29, a New Jersey Transit train crashed into the platform at a Hoboken Terminal. Officials have already released that the train was traveling twice the speed it should have been. A woman standing on the platform was killed in the accident, and almost hundred others were injured. The NTSB continues testing for the electronics controlling and propulsion system that were destroyed in the crash. Nothing was found unusual after testing the signal and train control system. The NTBS continue to question the engineer and conductor who were on the train during the crash. The engineer has been employed with the New Jersey Transit since 1987 and authorities say he is cooperating with investigators. Federal investigators have released what happened, according to the engineer, after he went on duty at 6:46 a.m. and the events leading up the accident the morning of September 29. His description of the moments before the crash show he remembers all systems were operating properly and has no memory of the impact.

The NTBS says the investigation will continue until an official cause of the crash is discovered. The Hoboken train station has been reopened and is operating at full capability.

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