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St. Louis County Trees Removed Due To Tripping Hazards


Neighborhood trees between Ballwin and Manchester are being removed due to tripping hazards. Some residents say it is needed, and others say the trees are healthy and want it stopped. According to officials, sixty-nine neighborhood trees are being cut down because their roots are pushing up the sidewalks. The St. Louis County Department of Transportation says the trees’ root system are pushing up sidewalk panels and creating a very real tripping hazard and it is a needed to precaution to ensure the safety of residents. Many residents asked to keep the healthy trees and replace the sidewalk panels. However, the county officials said tree removal is more efficient.

The tree removal project will cost $1.13 million with more than $900,000 designated for sidewalk and curb replacement. The county says that residents who were affected and had a tree in front of their home had the option to keep or remove the tree. Affected residents were given the option to keep the tree and most agreed that the tripping hazard was serious and gave permission for removal.

One resident who was affected by an aggressive tree root system agreed to have the tree removed and said that the county offered to install plants in place of the removed tree. The residents were given a list of bushes and trees to choose from, and the county will replant after the project is complete.

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