Speed Cause of Auto Accident

A vehicle accident occurred in Maryland on Tuesday morning involving an armed robbery. The incident began around 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday when three men committed an armed robbery at the Tastee Diner. Then, the suspects fled in a BMW and began driving recklessly by speeding and hitting at least seven vehicles on the road. The police were then notified. Then, the BMW came to a rest and took another vehicle. The stolen vehicle was eventually returned to the rightful owner, but the suspects have not been caught.

Speeding occurs when a driver ignores the posted speed limit and travels above the set speed. It is among the top three factors that contribute to vehicle accidents and is the cause for one out of every three fatal vehicle accidents. Reportedly, about 13,000 people pass away every year due to speeding. In addition, drivers who speed are more likely to carry out other risk behaviors while behind the wheel, such as driving distractedly and driving while under the influence.

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