Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Banned On Flights Worldwide

The Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is becoming increasingly unwelcome on planes worldwide and has been labeled a dangerous product. An emergency order was released by the Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration banning Galaxy Note 7 owners from bringing their phones on planes or in luggage. International airlines are also prohibiting Note 7 travelers from bringing the smartphone on their flights as well as carry the device in checked bags or carry-on luggage. Bans on the Galaxy Note 7 have been announced by AirAsia, Air New Zealand, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Nippon Airways, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, and Singapore Airlines. The Canadian aviation authority and the Hong Kong International Airport have also banned the device.

U.S. officials stated that travelers attempting to ignore these rules could face fines and even criminal prosecution. These restrictions for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 come after hundreds of incidents in which the device has exploded or caught fire. Many of these incidents were caught on camera. Samsung attempted to sell a new version of the phone but failed after the new phones began to catch fire as well. The South Korean company announced last week that it would stop manufacturing and selling all Note 7s. It is uncertain if any injuries have been linked to these fiery malfunctions.

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