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Report Reveals Speeding In A Major Cause In Fatal Teen-Driver Accidents


According to an AAA report, speeding was a major cause of fatal crashes across the nation by teenage drivers in the past five years. On Wednesday, a report was released showing that teen drivers were involved in approximately 14,000 fatal crashes in the last five years. Out of those 14,000 fatal crashes, 4,200 were speeding-related. The AAA Driver Training Operations Manager stated that a major factor in these teen related crashes are negative behaviors picked up from their parents such as speeding and cell phone usage. The report also shows that 65 percent of driving instructors say parents are not working with their children to create good driving skills.

Whether parents want to believe it or not, teens are learning their driving skills by watching them and also picking up very bad behaviors. The Director of State Relations for AAA says to set a good example for your children, which may just save their lives. Another AAA report released shows 77 percent of drivers ages of 35 to 55 talked on the phone while driving. So it’s not surprising that a report by the AAA Foundation's Traffic Safety states that 68 percent of teen drivers said they were distracted by their phones while driving. The organization urges parents to please set life-saving examples and teach their children about the dangers of speeding and distracted driving. The organization also recommends all teens be enrolled in qualified driver education programs. Visit the AAA website for more information.

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