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Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against NJ Transit After Hoboken Crash


Several of the victims hurt in Hoboken train crash intend to sue NJ Transit for damages related to their injuries. According to the plaintiff's’ attorney, the law firm has notified the NJ Transit of their intention to file suits stemming from the train crash at the Hoboken station on September 29.

The plaintiffs have not been identified, but they are among the 108 injured victim in the train crash. Some of the plaintiffs' injuries included back injuries, leg injuries, a concussion, and loss of vision. Other damages include loss of work and medical bills. The attorney said the plaintiffs are from New Jersey, Boonton, Hackensack, Brooklyn and Charlotte, N.C. The plaintiffs are men and women ranging from the elderly, middle-aged and young adults.

According to State law governing, personal injury law suits against public agencies must be filed within 90 days of the incident. The attorney cited information from the National Transportation Safety Board that the train was traveling more than twice the speed limit right before it crashed. The law firm intends to show the agency's poor crash history and willful misconduct by NJ Transit or its engineer. The attorney faulted the agency for having failed to install a new technology that could have potentially prevented the accident.

In a second lawsuit, a man is claiming he lost a finger causing permanent damage and suing the NJ Transit for damages. The NJ Transit declined to comment on the recent lawsuits. Officials say more plaintiffs will come forward over the next several weeks.

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