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Massachusetts Family Files Wrongful Death Against School In Death Of Their Daughter


The Massachusetts family of a high school teacher who was brutally murdered by her 14-year-old student filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Wednesday. The lawsuit is against the town, the school system, and a cleaning company whose workers cleaned away evidence. The 24-year-old teacher was killed in October of 2013 inside Danvers High School. The 14-year-old student convicted of aggravated rape, robbery, and murder, and was later sentenced to life in prison.

The wrongful death lawsuit was filed in Lawrence Superior Court and seek compensation to enhance school safety programs. The family is also seeking answers to questions surrounding their loved one’s death. The lawsuit states the compensation will be contributed to the legacy of the victim through third-party nonprofit organizations.

The lawsuit names several defendants, including the school and the architectural firm that designed the new school wing. Clear video footage was taken of the murderer putting on gloves and following her into a bathroom as well as walking around school for hours conducting suspicious activity. The lawsuit claims that no one was monitoring the school security system.

The Danvers school administrators will not make a statement on pending litigation but did say they are committed to continuing the slain teacher’s legacy of dedication to teaching and kindness.

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